Bloom Book

We are celebrating 50 years of publishing Bloom Where You're Planted, one of the best-known "go-to" books for the anglophone community living in and around Paris. With over 300 pages of information, it is designed to ease the challenges encountered when transitioning to a new life in France.  It provides helpful hints and suggestions on a wide range of topics including how to shop in the markets, how to access medical care, what the French school system looks like and how to find out what is going on in the city.  It also has a wonderful section with conversion and equivalent charts to help with shopping for clothes and cooking.  It is a practical, real-life guide to navigating the City of Light.

We are happy to ship a Bloom book anywhere in the world using any ordering option you prefer (see links at top right).  You may also stop by The American Church in Paris and pick up a copy directly from the receptionist.  

PURCHASE PRICE PER BOOK AT ACP:                      25 EUROS


The 2012 Edition of the Bloom Book is available for 5 Euros. It must be purchased at ACP.