Bloom Program

We are celebrating over 50 years of connecting people in Paris!

Since 1965, The American Church in Paris has sponsored Bloom Where You're Planted – How to Live in France.  A one-day orientation program held on the second Saturday of October, we assist English-speaking newcomers as they navigate the wonderful but sometimes perplexing French culture.  Whether you are male or female, an employee, student, retiree, trailing spouse or long-time resident, there is something for you at Bloom. We even have a special program for kids 4 - 12 years old to help them transition into their new life in Paris.  A nursery is provided for our youngest participants under the age of 4.

Learn about French cooking and how to adapt your home recipes to French ingredients, where Parisians shop for clothes and home items and where to go for entertainment in the City of Light. Listen to experts talk about the red tape of taxes and real estate, the key to thriving in the French workplace and how to stay healthy in Paris.  We'll also discuss transitioning your kids into a new culture and explain the education system and school options available to you. And of course, we leave plenty of time for discovering the history, architecture and culture of Paris as well as sharing our general tips and secrets for thriving in France.

We end the day with a "Wine Down", introducing you to wine and cheese from 7 different regions of France.  Relax, sip some wine and make a toast with new friends to celebrate an incredible adventure in your new Parisian home.

Attendance at any Bloom seminar includes:

  • Unprecedented opportunities to meet new friends and make connections
  • Access to all speakers and workshops
  • Access to representatives of local organizations with English-speaking expat focus
  • Assistance with French language learning opportunities
  • Assistance with general products purchasing in France
  • An English-language book sale along with book signings by authors leading the sessions
  • A light breakfast and a delicious lunch
  • Wine reception 
  • Bloom Welcome Bag (full of useful goodies!)
  • The Bloom Where You're Planted book

The Bloom program has become the premier source of information for English-speaking expats in France. Whether you've been living in France for some time or you have just arrived, you’ll enjoy Blooming!

Mark your calendars for the next Bloom Where You're Planted program - Saturday 6 October 2018.


What our past attendees have said about Bloom Where You're Planted:


The Wine and Cheese "WineDown" was a great way to end a fantastic day.
Elizabeth,  October 2014

I think I'll come back next year to attend several of the sessions I didn't get to this year.  They all looked so interesting!  And I loved meeting David Lebovitz.
Alex,  October 2014

I met so many fun people who were in the same transition rut that I was.  Nice to know that others are feeling the same way and hear from others who have been there and survived those newcomer blues.
Patricia, October 2013

I was active with Bloom in the 1980's. Wow, how it has grown. The warmth is still there but now so much content and very sophisticated. The tax and business sessions were SUPER.
Melissa, 2012

I finally attended Bloom after living in Paris for three years and was amazed at all the great tips and information provided. Well done. Loved it. The wine-down was especially fun. Thank you. Will be back next year.
Jennifer, 2012

From the beginning to the end of the day the warm and welcoming atmosphere was present throughout Bloom. I learned so much. I met so many kind people who became my closest friends in Paris. Great tips and great advice. THANK YOU!
Marta, 2012

I enjoyed your program very much! Lots of interesting things to learn and great people to meet.
Michaela, 2011

I found the real-estate and tax planning session very informative. Thank you. It was a great day with many fantastic tips. Made us feel very welcome and certainly not alone in this new country which is now our home. Thank you for this great day.
The Johnson Family, 2011

Our kids had a great time in the Children's Program! Thank you for teaching them about all the fun they can have in their new home. They loved making the crepes and were excited about the new words they learned in French. Thanks for taking such great care of them while we learned so much about living in Paris. Great program. Well done!
Michael, 2011

I have attended this conference three years in a row and am always amazed that each time I learn so much! Thanks for organizing this. What a great thing to do for the English-speaking community of Paris.
Kyle, 2011

I met my best friend in Paris at the Bloom program!
Alison, 2010

Thank you for helping us transition so much easier. Loved the atmosphere and all the information. The Bloom book is just fantastic! We use it all the time and have purchased a few for friends who have arrived after us. Thank you so much!
Maev, 2010